It has been more than a month now…

And the daily routine has crystallized itself in my life and my time in Israel is now becoming a treasured and blessed memory that continues to inform my existence.  I enjoy teaching immensely although I must admit that at times it does put a strain on one’s cognitive abilities . I am slowly coming to the realisation that God too enjoys teaching his children and never wastes an opportunity to shape us for citizenship in heaven.  The Master teacher uses parables and I say uses because he has never stopped teaching using His word and the Holy Spirit in our lives, but before I begin, I  need to ask you a question?

When was the last time “You” were offended?

I’m not talking here about a minor offense that’s easily overlooked although I do admit at times I’ve let those kind of offenses get to me as well. No, I’m talking about the kind of offense that  goes to your very core and which starts to grow its tendrils and  hooks itself onto some distant memory from your past, which only serves to feed and empower the feeling of offense in the first place. The worst kind of offense I believe, is one that causes you to question your worth. Here’s the dictionary definition; ” To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings in… “ Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Michael did this happen to you?”  And you be right if you did think this and yes God did and has used these events to remind me of his sovereignty in my life.

An offense occurs when an expectation of one’s worth is in some way reduced by an event or by a person, which then causes one to either rant and rave, get depressed,  have a felt need to exercise your ‘right’ or all three together to put that person/s in their place. Also known in psycho babble, as a state of dis-empowerment. Usually, the reaction to a state of dis-empowerment is to correct that imbalance in some way, usually through unpleasant means. And by Jove did I conjure up an vocal arsenal of unpleasant means by which to correct this state of imbalance. I was on my way to becoming Palpatine’s next Sith apprentice.

I'm actually a Christian but don't mess with me!

I’m not going to go into all the juicy little details of what happened firstly because I can’ be bothered writing about it and secondly it’s not necessary for the purposes of this post. What I would like to share is the goodness of Christ in his dealings with me.

Firstly, I’m reminded in scripture that when Jesus was arrested, HE “refrained” from exercising HIS rights and remained quiet.  In Matt 26:53 Jesus goes on to say “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels”?

Twelve legions hm-mm…lets put this in context, the Roman army was in control of  the land, so how many Romans to a legion. Figures vary, but generally a full strength legion had about 6,000 men on paper…the reality was that most legions were under strength and had about 5, 300 soldiers….

The Lord as we are told had 12 legions not of soldiers but of warrior angels (we can infer this as they were grouped in fighting order with the reference to ‘legions’) made up of  72,000 angels waiting for the command to swoop down and save the Darling of heaven from wretched sinners. I would have thought that one angel would have done the trick. Yet, HE didn’t call on or exercise his right, but instead deferred to the master plan of the Father by saying, ” But how then would the Scriptures be fulfilled that say it must happen this way“? Matt 26:54.

What is truly amazing to me as I examine this part of scripture is that Jesus had an out- there was an escape plan for HIM if he chose not to go through what was about to happen. All he needed to do was to call on the Father and 72,000 angels were ready and waiting to rescue him from the clutches of evil men but for the sake of Scripture and the Father’s will he went along like a lamb to slaughter… for my sake and yours and anyone else who chooses to have faith in HIM.

So if the Lord showed restraint…what am I supposed to do when faced with accusations that cause offense. I don’t have legions of angels – imagine what a sinner like me might do with angels at my disposal to wreak havoc on anyone that dares to step on my toes.

What I do have within me is far greater than angels and is the Holy Spirit, the same spirit of restraint that Jesus has, is now at my disposal and when I choose to defer to HIS ways the Holy Spirit empowers me to live and respond like he did.

The second fact, I realised is that I have no rights…. scripture is clear in this… that I was purchased at a price, a possession of God (Eph 1.14)…a slave of Christ. What true slave has rights?  In ancient times a master -slave relationship is no way akin to the relationship between an employer and an employee. The master owned the slave, he bought the slave and the slave had no rights other than which the master chose to bestow. In the same way I have no right to act as I ought… a hard lesson to realise and even when learned harder to practice.

Thirdly, we are never tempted beyond what we can bear and God always gives us a way out of the temptation. The trick is to be discerning enough to recognise the ‘out’ or way given…and it might mean that is only a tiny door but make sure to go through it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have recognised the way out but chosen to ignore it and satisfy my flesh. This time however, I did take the ‘out’ offered and as soon as I did, felt an incredible peace and instead of rage just felt an amazing compassion toward that particular person. So for next time…and there will be a next time….1)take a deep breath, 2)exercise restraint, 3)look for the provided way out, 4)take the way out and 5)be blessed!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read and would appreciate your thoughts, experiences and anything else you’d like to comment on. Some of you have already commented on my previous posts and I’d like your thoughts on whether I should continue this blog…if you find some value in it being continued, otherwise I’ll be offended….now where is that angel… 🙂

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Some Long Overdue Pics…

Hi all, my sincere apologies for not updating this blog as intended but it has been extremely busy for all of us at the course and whatever free time that we have had has been used for rest. The course has been tremendous…with top notch lecturers. For example, today we had a fascinating lecture from the “Chief Nazi Hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre” and were shown methods the Nazi hunters used to track down war criminals. Throughout the course we have been taught by eminent historians and survivors of the holocaust.

Cattle Car Used by the Nazi's to transport people to death camps

The participants are also varied…there’s Adrian a lecturer from SA who has written the history curriculum for the state. Mark who is in charge of RE of all Catholic schools in Brisbane, Anthony who is a chaplain at ADFA, new teachers, experienced teachers and stuck in the middle somewhere is me trying to soak it all in. The good thing is that I have made some professional friendships and contacts which I plan to utilize in my teaching.

After two weeks of learning not only about “shoah” but also how to teach it (pedagogy), I feel wrung out emotionally and mentally. The one key thing that I have learnt is how to bring students “safely in and safely out” of what can be if not handled well a very traumatic subject. The Lord has been a tremendous reassurance for me…forgiving, correcting, guiding, teaching me with patience and grace and giving me opportunity to declare my faith to others of the course. So, before continuing I would like to thank all of you for your interest and prayers for me and my family…special thanks goes to my family at Covenant college a great school to teach and work in and my family at South Valley Baptist who have welcomed the Nairs with open arms. Now to continue….

The Israelis prefer the term Shoah compared to the holocaust because when one understands the definition of the word, holocaust it has been happening for thousands of years. Let me explain….

The holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. “Holocaust” is a word of Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire.” They prefer not to use this term as by definition the Jews have been practicing holocaust since old testament times and they have reminded us gently here at yad vashem that the Jews of Europe were not sacrificed but murdered by the nazi’s. But enough about this….I’m sure you are more interested in what the Lord has allowed me to see in this land of the bible. I’ll try and give a quick summary of the sights that I have been blessed to visit.

2 weeks ago on saturday the 8th before the start of the course proper we were given a tour of Jerusalem and it’s surrounds. We were shown the first Jewish neighbourhood right outside the old city walls which was built by Sultan Suleiman(Solomon) the magnificent about 500 hundred years ago.

Directly across from this neighborhood was Mt Zion… Which led up to the temple mount… It was fascinating…to think that this was the Mt Zion that psalm 25 describes….”Those who trust in the Lord are like Mt Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore”.

To be able now to picture in my mind what the biblical writer meant with these verses and to actually see the mountains surround Jerusalem was priceless and to understand scripture  in it’s context…what a blessing!!!!.

I was able to climb Mt Zion and to think of the people of old having done the same was tremendous. I have now walked the old city so many times in these few days that the tour guides don’t bother me anymore 🙂

The week from the 9th onwards was filled with lectures, workshops, group work, research and pedagogy. Lectures began at 8.30 sharp and would continue till 4.30 and even 6 pm. There were times when i felt like running out of the classroom because i felt like i couldn’t take anymore but Through your prayers i know that Jesus sustained me and gave me strength not only to continue but participate. Then there would be dinner at the hotel followed by discussions and activities.

I must share the visit to the Israel museum. The highlight for me was viewing one of the dead sea scrolls and the history behind it. Here in front of me was a scroll of Isaiah written 1500 years before the current manuscript that is used for the bible and it is word for word the same. There’s an answer to those who deny the inerrancy of scripture. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photographs as it was not allowed. I could have spent all day in this museum but we had only 3 hrs to explore. The museum even had a video demonstration of how careful the scribes were in copying manuscripts and there were examples of invalid texts of scripture….ones where an ancient scribe had made a mistake with just one word and the manuscript was considered invalid. Guess whiteout wouldn’t have been accepted either.

On the Sabbath last Friday evening, they organized for us to visit an orthodox synagogue(little temple). It was tremendous to hear prayers in Hebrew and follow along as they asked the Lord to bless the day. I was surprised they actually allowed Gentiles in…we had to wear the yarmulke and men and women were seated separately. The men went in first and I had to laugh at all the feminists in the group who were quietly fuming. Although as Gentiles we had to sit in the back…thank the Lord for Jesus who has broken down these barriers through his sacrifice for now there is no Jew or gentile, man or woman as all are equal before the Lord although we do have different roles.

On the Sunday we boarded this orange colored bus and were driven up north… Past the Undulating hills of the Judean desert, all the time I was thinking about the disciples walking and talking with the
Lord through this barren landscape. An hour and a half later we visited Bet Shean which contains the best preserved roman town. This roman town was the capital of the decapolis or 10 cities which is in the same vicinity as Mt Gilboah where Saul and Jonathon were killed by the Philistines who then hung their bodies up on the walls of Bet Shean.(1Samuel 31:10).

Capital of the Decapolis- The 10 roman cities

After this we visited passed the Sea Of Galilee to the what was really the Lord’s second home Capernaum. I must say that why this secular organization of yad vashem organized visits to Christian sites can only be described as a blessing to me. I never would have thought that I would visit all these places. To put vision to word is truly amazing. I truly recommend that if time and money permit you too visit these places. Ask the Lord who is an impartial God what he has allowed me he will for you too.

In Capernaum, I actually saw the houses that were around the time of Jesus that have been dug up by archeologists. There was also the lower level of the synagogue that our Lord visited. Standing here just sent chills through me. This was where Jesus healed the man from an evil spirit. Mark 1:23.    And this little man too stood there…

Here in Capernaum was also the house of Peter where Jesus stayed. According to Jerome Murphy this could be the very house that
Jesus would have stayed in as all the evidence points to this fact. I was surprised to learn how small these houses were. 

Leaving this we visited Nazareth which didn’t impress me much because really there is nothing there. It had a depressing atmosphere over it, which reminded of the verse…”can anything good come out of Nazareth”. The only interesting area was under the church where an ancient workshop was unearthed where tradition says Joseph would have worked.

We also stopped by the sea of Galilee where upon an outcrop of rock Where our Lord called to Peter after the resurrection and broiled fish and supped with them. It was  a magnificent place which apart from the church had not changed much after all these years.

This last week was spent finalizing our projects which are due by September and the course finished Thursday. It is about 11.30 on a friday night and I wish I could write more but I must pack and get ready to leave by 12 tomorrow. Security is very very tight at the airport ESP when leaving Israel and I would appreciate your prayers for favor with the authorities. I have heard from some teachers who have left that they had a difficult time at the airport.

My flight leaves for Istanbul from tel aviv at 7.30 and I have an hour and a half stopover at Istanbul. From Istanbul to Singapore is about a 12 hour flight with a 4 hour stopover and then, 7 and half hours to Melbourne. I will be cactus…with my circadian rhythms all out of sync so I appreciate your prayers very much. I have been blessed beyond anything I could have imagined. It has been a tremendous experience one which I will not easily forget and will keep with me for the rest of my life…. The course has been physically and emotionally demanding but visiting the places where Jesus lived and taught has been truly worth it.

Before I end…while coming back from Masada and the dead sea… I saw Mt nebo the mountain where Moses had a look at the promised land. Mt Nebo is now in Jordan but scripturally it also in a sense is where the old and the new testament meet. Deuteronomy 34 tells us that this is the place where Moses died….if you then jump to the book of Jude, it will tell you that that the devil appeared to desecrate the body of Moses. Turning back to the end of duet 34 we read that the Lord himself comes to bury Moses and no one knows where his body…. How else would Jude have known this unless by the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Looking forward to seeing Donna, Meera and my little bubkus Dhev…also looking forward to seeing all of you in time….thanks again for being with me in Israel. Thanking HIM for all our days…..c u soo

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Of Christmas and Pomegranates…

Merry Christmas everyone…Today is Christmas celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Community here in Jerusalem. On the 18th of Jan the Armenian christians celebrate their Christmas and lastly the Roman Catholics have the 25th of December. Christmas celebrated 3 times here in the Holy Land.

I arrived here safe and sound on the morning of the 4th…tired but not worse for wear. Checked in, unpacked and then went for a stroll to the German colony outside the old city and as I was walking couldn’t help repeating to myself…’Lord…i cant believe I’m in Jerusalem… the land where you lived, taught, died and rose again’. The hotel is about 15 minutes from the German Colony and the street is full of cafes and stylish people….reminded me of scenes not unlike Toorak in Melbourne.

Funny thing was that when I came out of the airport people started speaking to me in Hebrew and that happened in the German colony too as I bought a six pack of bottled water from the corner store. Found a mobile phone shop and bought a sim card so I could ring out but for the life of me couldn’t understand the Hebrew being spoken at the other end. Went back today and got it all sorted out before the shops closed at around 2 for the Shabbat.

Here’s view from my hotel of the new city…

Met up with 2 other teachers in the lobby of the hotel and in the afternoon we visited the old city….It was strange because to get there you had to walk through this modern mall and once you reached the end of the mall you’re suddenly confronted with 3000 years of history. A land of contrasts.

A land of contrasts

The Mall

Moving along you arrive at steep staircase and when you reach the top you see the Jaffa Gate…entry into the old city.

Within the walls of the old city you tread on cobbled stones worn down by thousands upon thousands of sandalled feet  over countless generations. Moving further in you come across shops owned by Jews and Arabs selling all sorts of trinkets, icons, crosses, menorahs, and if you would believe some Palestinian shopkeepers, part of the very cross of Jesus itself…500 shekels please.

Traditionally, the Via Dolorossa is the route that Jesus walked carrying the beam that would be later made into the cross…but it is more likely that the Lord would have come out of the Jaffa gate to be crucified outside the city. The Via Dolorossa was mapped out by Queen Helena mother of Constantine…

7th Station of the cross

Station of the cross

Nothing much has changed except for the clothes...bread being sold in the old city

Moving further in and down past narrow cobbled streets, senses assailed constantly with noise, smells and throngs of people…you head towards the Damascus gate….the very gate the Apostle Paul would have walked through to get to the Damascus Road where the Lord met him on his way to persecute Christians.

On the road to Damascus

Okay…you’re probably getting bored of my travels but this city is rich with history and as a Christian and a history buff  I cant not share the significance of this trip for me personally and spiritually. The Lord has been a constant source of strength and peace and reading scripture now opens up a whole new dimension of truth. To read the word ‘Jerusalem’ now takes on a new meaning when you are actually in the city. And by the way this is just my first day in…the day ends when we meet the only Christian shopkeeper in the muslim quarter….Here’s a pic of his table. I ordered turkish coffee for 10 shekels and it comes with a glass of cold water because the coffee is strong and sweet.

They take their symbols seriously here....

The next day we hire a Palestinian Christian by the name of Charlie who could sell sand to an Arab…he turned out to be an excellent guide and I was somewhat jealous that he trumped me on his knowledge of scripture and and history. Example…Charlie: what is the name of Lot’s wife?, If you can answer me the trip is free…

Me: Mrs Lot….

Charlie: Ah..that’s funny but her name is not mentioned in scripture…the trip is not free….

Charlie…takes us the long route to Bethlehem bypassing the border checkpoints since its Christmas eve on the 6th of December for the Greek orthodox and the border crossing would take at least 2 hrs to get through. We see the reality of life behind the wall where Christians number just 2 percent of the population and it is such a stark contrast to the prosperity of the New City in Jerusalem. There are people within the walls who have not seen Jerusalem even though they are only 20 mins away as they cannot get through the border crossing. Life is tough for the Palestinians whether muslim or christian.

Once in Bethlehem we meet up with our guide hop into another van with Palestinian plates because if we go in too far in with Israeli plates trouble could ensue. We reach the Church of the Nativity the supposed site of the birth of our Lord and fortunate enough to see the Greek and Syrian Patriarchs make a visit amidst tight security with all the pomp and pageantry one expects. Security here is handled by the Palestinian police. I was getting a few stares as i realised that my colour of my bag resembles a satchel charge. Note to self: next time bring in a nondescript bag.


Inside the church rebuilt by Justinian a Byzantine emperor after the original built by Constantine was burned down…its anyones guess who actually runs the place. The areas are clearly demarcated between the Greek orthodox, the Armenians and the Roman Catholics…it is forbidden that one group cross into the area of another. Historically and to this day it is the Muslims who keep the peace between the different Christian orders as they are considered a neutral force. A sad indictment on Christianity practiced . Guess they haven’t figured out the Lord’s words that the world would know we are his by the love that we have for one another.

Just outside the church there is a big poster which says…Welcome to Bethlehem (place/house of bread), we welcome you just as we welcomed Jesus 2 thousand years ago. I saw everyone take photos of this…didn’t feel like reminding anyone that the Lord wasn’t welcomed in Bethlehem 2000 years ago since there was no room at the inn. Got the feeling that Historical accuracy wasn’t that important over here.

Finished Bethlehem and the other two ladies in our trio (God Bless Them) wanted to go back to the Jaffa gate to do more shopping…I politely excused myself to their bemused questions as to why i wouldn’t want to continue shopping with them. I opted to go to Jericho against their advice…I just could not pass up the chance. After dropping them off…Charlie and I speed on down to Jericho (Keith Greens song..the road to Jericho started to play in my head) and we stopped by a Bedouin with a camel who offered me a ride for 20 shekels. Never been on a camel before and never will again…it’s higher than I expected and I felt like I was slipping off even when the camel was still.

Lawrence of Geelong

Camel Head

Just as we reached the entrance to Jericho manned by armed Palestinian Soldiers, the fan belt of the taxi busts and the car comes to a dead stop just 5 metres from the checkpoint. This caused a bit of a ruckus as the soldiers came forward shouting and gesticulating in Arabic. The car was pushed to a side road and there was all this hustle and bustle… I very touristly took out my camera and started taking shots of a bombed out police station opposite where we had parked.

Bad idea…a soldier menacingly walked towards me with his hands on his rifle and before he asked me anything I felt to say…salaam waluay kum…to which he replied waluay kum salam…where you from? he asked…Australia I replied…..I love Australia he said…we shook hands and that was that.

We waited an hour for Charlie’s wife to drive from Jerusalem with their family car because he insisted the tour continue. Kept apologising to me and I said not to worry cause it wasn’t his fault. All this time I felt the tremendous peace of God and I was not worried or anxious one bit. Kept praising God in my heart and just loved the chance to get up close and personal with these beautiful and misunderstood people.

Inside Jericho the worlds oldest city, archeologists have said that it is about 10,000 years old. We came across the tree where Zecharias the money changer climbed to get a better view of Jesus. Not sure whether this is the tree but according to the site and my erstwhile historian the tree is around 2500 years old according to its rings.

Zechariah's Tree

Further on we visited the archeological dig where historians believe is the actual fortress that was brought down by God when the Israelites circumnavigated it 7 times and blew their trumpets/horns. It was amazing to think that these stones in front of me were the very same ones that existed thousands of years ago…absolutely tremendous.

Directly behind the site is temptation mountain…the very mountain where after the Lord’s baptism he was led to be tempted and where he fasted 40 days and nights. It is absolutely rocky and in some places is so steep one could hardly climb. I stood there imagining the Lord climbing, fasting and being tempted and even if it wasn’t the site it does bring a sense of reality and perspective when reading scripture. it is such a blessing to have a Bible on hand and to read and visit places mentioned in the bible for real. I thank God for this truly awe inspiring and wonderful privilege of being here. I feel absolutely safe and protected and I know I am in his will. I am also learning to rely on the Holy Spirits direction as he leads me to what HE wants me to see and learn.

Finally, I took a walk on Jerusalem’s ramparts, caught up with a Christian group on the walls and joined them in singing and praising God and then quietly slipped out. It was just a very sweet moment where God allowed me to join fellow brothers and sisters as they unfurled banners of “The Lion Of the Tribe Of Judah” and to sing along.

Past the ramparts…went into the Dormitian abbey where on the lower ground came into contact with the foundation column of a crusader church. Then visited King David’s tomb and the room where the last supper was held…both not actual sites according to my trusty oxford archeological guide to the Holy Land written by Jerome Murphy O Connor. Oh well!…

Not the actual site ....








Finally the highlight was visiting the western wall… the only remaining foundational wall of the second temple period rebuilt by Herod and destroyed by the Romans in A. D 70, according to the Lord’s prophecy that not one stone will be left standing of the temple. Wore my skull cap and as I was standing there looking at the wall thinking that Jesus and the disciples walking past to get to the temple proper…prayer began. I was able to pick out words as Adonai, Hosannah, Hallelujah and I gave praise to God through Jesus Christ. It is beyond my feeble attempts to describe the experience so I won’t, suffice to say my prayer life and reading of scripture will never be the same.

I now come to the end of this long post… I want to ask that you continue to pray for me and that your prayers for my safety and well being, peace and strength have been heard. It has been a tremendously full 4 days and I am glad that i did come early. Tomorrow the course begins and I wont have time to write this lengthy again. I hope to update this blog weekly with short posts when possible. Oh by the way its shabbat today and the buttons on the lift dont work and the lift is programmed to stop at every floor whether going up or down and I am on the top floor. The Lord has a sense of humour- me thinks.

I have had the opportunity during conversations with the other teachers to state my faith…pray that God give me more opportunities and boldness to proclaim him naturally so a seed may be sown here and there.

Lastly, I had pomegranate juice….it is the most refreshing drink, bitter and sweet at the same time just like the Holy land. I also realised that the land has been set apart by God for his purposes doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is holy in the Holy land. Till next time…Shalom from Jerusalem.

Please also pray that I would have strength these next 3 weeks to stand the heavy schedule. God bless and love to all of you.

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Humidity and the Emergent Church

Hello blessed people. First off let me wish each and every one of you a blessed new year. Thank you for your prayers they are what sustain me. I have enjoyed the hospitality of my family and it has been pleasant, however the humidity here is sapping my mojo. To be honest this place hardly reminds me of the place I grew up in. The changes have been immense since I was here last.

I have finished my assignments and leave for Israel today via Istanbul arriving on the 4th at around 9.40 am plus 9hrs GMT, which would make it 6.40 pm OZ time i think. I’m not too good with this Jason Bourne stuff.

I have been able to share Jesus with my sister and her husband in an inobtrusive fashion, nothing forced. This is what i have prayed for and the Lord is good and HE  has given me that opportunity to say something even if it was in some small measure. 

On my first night here my brother in law herein called Bil and I spoke through till the wee hours and we touched on many subjects one of which being the state or his version of the state of the church in Singapore. To put things in perspective, Bil was a choir boy in the Anglican church here and grew up in church. When he was 19 or so he began to ask legitimate questions and basically was told by the leadership to leave church…and he hasn’t been back since.

There is a church here called the Rock… average attendance on any given sunday 40,000 plus… impressive…sure. So Bil decides to go and during the service or so he tells me they sing songs of praise to the music of Madonna and Lady ga ga, of course with appropriately spiritualised lyrics. During the sermon, it is mentioned that God is not against making money and oh by the way the Pastor lives in a million dollar home and has several Harleys. At the end of the service, the announcer asks who’s new to church and Bil with many others raise their hands. They are then taken to a room where their details are taken down and asked whether they would like to fill a card that allows the church to find out information about their wage …and if they want to be a member; 10 percent is automatically deducted every month and if payment is missed 3 weeks in a row a call will be made asking you to pay money owed.

Property is premium here in Singapore and this organisation has been able to build a 250 million shopping complex with an auditorium that can hold 20 thousand people. Bil asks me, why would I want to be involved with Christianity…

I had my bible with me and was able to read Acts chapter 2… the original emergent church and was able to say that what he was exposed to is not the Church the Bible teaches about. It’s much more than shopping malls and lady ga ga.

Which is why I miss the fellowship of believers…YOU. I realise now even being away for only a week how much I miss your Christian company where conversations about God are as natural as breathing. My next post will be from the HOLY LAND and I ask that you continue to pray for me, Donna and kids who are doing well. I’m a bit nervous about this trip probably because I dont know what to expect… so till the next post…SHALOM.

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What is Yad Vashem?

There has been a growing interest internationally in the Holocaust and in Holocaust education. The scope of this interest has expanded well beyond the sphere of researchers and experts and has come to include teachers, educators and students from formal as well as informal education systems.

As the result of this process, The International School for Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem was founded in 1993. The only school of its kind in the world, the primary focus of the International School is teaching and commemorating the Holocaust. To this end, the School offers guides and seminars for students, teachers and educators, and continuously develops a variety of pedagogical tools for use by teachers in the classroom.

At the moment, I’m doing assignment number 7 and it looks like I have number 8 to do as well, which most probably I will do in Singapore before heading to Israel. I want to spend Christmas and Boxing day with the family and not be doing any assignments or such.  So till my next post which will most probably be in Singapore. God Bless and may you all take time to reflect on Jesus and his sacrifice and the wonderful gift God has given us through Him.

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Join me…

First off, I’d like to thank the lovely Kali M for her suggestion to start this blog.   Generally, I’m not a very talkative person. I don’t journal nor keep a diary of my thoughts but this time it’s different as this is a trip of a lifetime.  The Lord has opened up an opportunity and even though the thought of leaving family and familiarity for 29 days is confronting I am looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me  for me.

A  dynamic tweetomatic  type of post on wordpress for all of you who may be interested in my journeys over the next 5 weeks or so.  I also have integrated Twitter to this blog so just in case I cant post (for those busy days) I can tweet and it should show up here.  I’ll try my very best to keep all of you updated and thank you for the support and encouragement you have given me.

Okay first thing you need to do is SIGN UP!… (just hit the sign up button at the left  of this post) and then come back regularly to check on my travels in, to and from…. The Holy Land. Shalom!

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