Humidity and the Emergent Church

Hello blessed people. First off let me wish each and every one of you a blessed new year. Thank you for your prayers they are what sustain me. I have enjoyed the hospitality of my family and it has been pleasant, however the humidity here is sapping my mojo. To be honest this place hardly reminds me of the place I grew up in. The changes have been immense since I was here last.

I have finished my assignments and leave for Israel today via Istanbul arriving on the 4th at around 9.40 am plus 9hrs GMT, which would make it 6.40 pm OZ time i think. I’m not too good with this Jason Bourne stuff.

I have been able to share Jesus with my sister and her husband in an inobtrusive fashion, nothing forced. This is what i have prayed for and the Lord is good and HE  has given me that opportunity to say something even if it was in some small measure. 

On my first night here my brother in law herein called Bil and I spoke through till the wee hours and we touched on many subjects one of which being the state or his version of the state of the church in Singapore. To put things in perspective, Bil was a choir boy in the Anglican church here and grew up in church. When he was 19 or so he began to ask legitimate questions and basically was told by the leadership to leave church…and he hasn’t been back since.

There is a church here called the Rock… average attendance on any given sunday 40,000 plus… impressive…sure. So Bil decides to go and during the service or so he tells me they sing songs of praise to the music of Madonna and Lady ga ga, of course with appropriately spiritualised lyrics. During the sermon, it is mentioned that God is not against making money and oh by the way the Pastor lives in a million dollar home and has several Harleys. At the end of the service, the announcer asks who’s new to church and Bil with many others raise their hands. They are then taken to a room where their details are taken down and asked whether they would like to fill a card that allows the church to find out information about their wage …and if they want to be a member; 10 percent is automatically deducted every month and if payment is missed 3 weeks in a row a call will be made asking you to pay money owed.

Property is premium here in Singapore and this organisation has been able to build a 250 million shopping complex with an auditorium that can hold 20 thousand people. Bil asks me, why would I want to be involved with Christianity…

I had my bible with me and was able to read Acts chapter 2… the original emergent church and was able to say that what he was exposed to is not the Church the Bible teaches about. It’s much more than shopping malls and lady ga ga.

Which is why I miss the fellowship of believers…YOU. I realise now even being away for only a week how much I miss your Christian company where conversations about God are as natural as breathing. My next post will be from the HOLY LAND and I ask that you continue to pray for me, Donna and kids who are doing well. I’m a bit nervous about this trip probably because I dont know what to expect… so till the next post…SHALOM.

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8 thoughts on “Humidity and the Emergent Church

  1. Donna Nair

    Hey Michael,

    Luv and blessings on the next leg of your journey. You sound excited – can’t wait to hear your next news from the Holy Land.

    God speed.
    Donna, Meera and Dhevdas

    • Donna Nair

      Thanks everyone for the encouraging words and prayers I’m reading below. These are spot on. Am feeling especially “carried” by my saviour. Michael will be there now so I’m waiting patiently for a phone call.

  2. Kirby

    Michael, rejoice that God has given you both grace, discernment, and yet another opportunity to share the truth of Christ with your family. I remember growing up hearing that wherever you find salt deposits, the salt closest to rock, was the saltiest. Surely those closest to Christ (the Rock) will reflect Him in all His simplicity, vibrancy, and beauty. As you live the adventure of faith,may it excite your heart in the goodness of our awesome God. Embrace the unknown by trusting more the One who knows.
    Love, Kirby

  3. Sue Cox

    Hey Michael,
    That is great that you were able to spend time with your family and be the witness that you are. We will be praying for you as you now venture into the place where Jesus stood. Blessings

  4. Upholding you in prayer bro, good to hear the excitement in your words. The holy land gets to witness some unholy stuff round this time of year, just remember you carry a still-point with you which will offer the perfect refuge. “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.” Catch you along the cyber-road… Blessings David

  5. Les Rittmeyer

    Hi Michael, if they sang to Deep Purple it would be better, cannot beleive how so many people can get sucked into lies like that. I pray for insight for the truth for your family. Do not worry about your mojo, no amount of heat will suck that out of you. Gods blessing as you travel where Jesus’s feet once went and as His Spirit travells with you now. Les.

  6. Shirley Dunn

    I have just had the chance to catch up on what you are up to. It is good that you have an opportunity to share with your family. As we know God is faithful and as you continue to speak the Truth into their lives their eyes will open.
    By now you will have arrived at your destination. My prayers are with you as you are able to experience this new environment. God will continue to sustain and strengthen you, Donna and the kids. Breath in all you can and enjoy learning and seeing.
    I look forward to hearing how your next step has gone.

  7. Darren Ollis

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, it is also such a blessing to see our God moving in the life of His people. So pleased that the Lord provided an opportunity to share with your family the true Christ and plant a seed that we pray will grow. So looking forward to hearing about your time in Israel as you trust in the Lord for all your needs. God bless.

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