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Michael Nair teaches at Covenant College…and is now in Israel again by the blessed hand of Jesus Christ. Travelling with Alastair Mcewen Professor of OT Theology, Alvin Johnson Professor of NT Theology and Church History and Matthew Cox cinematographer par excellence. If you happen to wonder why little Ol Michael is going then please let him know asap as he does not have a clue…other than a deep seated desire to see the magnificence and unrivalled beauty of design of the scriptures captivate those who mistakenly think that it is only a book and nothing more.

The Word of God always points to the God of the Word and His remarkable plan for the human race. Thank you for reading this blog. Michael hopes to keep the blog updated as time permits.  God Bless

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  1. bala krishnan

    get in touch, send me an email… daaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii

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